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Stouffville is Attempting to Break a Guinness World Record!

Stouffville is attempting to break a Guinness World Record!

Have you heard the big news out of Stouffville? Yes, Fieldgate’s new release of freehold attached semis is coming soon, but also, Stouffville is hosting an attempt to break a Guinness World Record!

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2 Ways to Celebrate Family Day in Brampton!

Family Day in Brampton

Do you have plans for Family Day yet? If you live in Brampton or are thinking of buying a new home in Brampton in the near future, then you should check out these two special events!

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Buy a New Home in Kleinburg Today!

Buy a new home in Kleinburg at Impressions by Fieldgate Homes

You can buy a new home in Kleinburg this morning! The new limited release at Fieldgate’s Impressions was highly anticipated and it shows by the large turnout at our sales office.

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The New Limited Release at Impressions in Kleinburg is This Weekend!

Impressions in Kleinburg model home by Fieldgate Homes

This weekend, there will be a new limited release at Fieldgate’s Impressions in Kleinburg! On Saturday, February 11, the doors will open at 11 am sharp.

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The 28th Annual Vaughan Winterfest is Coming Soon!

Winterfest in Vaughan is coming soon!

Who else is looking forward to the 28th Annual Vaughan Winterfest? Every year, the event is a huge success and tons of members from the community attend to participate in a variety of free family activities.

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