Greensborough: Construction update from Markham

Our Greensborough community located at 9600 Ninth Line in Markham is now in its fifth phase of development, and the first closings are scheduled for August 30th of this year.

We visited the site on a very busy (and hot!) day, with crews working hard to keep on schedule. Check out the selection of photos below to see what’s going on on site at the moment.

As with all of our sites, each of our Greensborough lots are in different phases of completion. Here, framing is almost complete on this home.

Phase Five of Greensborough consists of 30 lots in the North-East part of the communtiy.

With work continuing according to schedule, all of the lots will be complete by the end of the year.

Phase Five consists of 5 different models, of A, B, and C elevations.

Many of the lots are at an advanced stage, with tiling, insulation, and overall finishing being carried out.

See the rest of the photos from our site visit here. We’ll be back with another update soon so keep following on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.