Flexible floor plans explained at Corktown Mews

At Fieldgate Homes, we believe our buyers are looking beyond a one-size-fits-all style of living. With this approach comes our flexible floor plans.

Peter Comyns, sales manager at PMA Brethour, tells us how Fieldgate Homes has tried to create flexibility for a variety of buyer requirements. Peter explains below:

“On the main floor, some people might like the kitchen at the front or the back of the house,” Peter says, “And some people may prefer a layout that offers a kitchen island. So we thought, ‘Why don’t we offer alternative layouts?'”

Corktown Mews offers versatile choices for buyers needs. With these floor plans, we worked extensively with our architects to design flexible layouts.

“We’re offering three and four bedroom plans, but not only that, we want to have the buyer decide which floor they want two bedrooms on and how they want to reconfigure their other two floors,” Peter says.

There are many combinations within the same town home, accommodating a broader market.

“In the urban centre,” Peter says, “It’s not just young people moving downtown. It’s also people in their middle ages raising kids and active retired people as well. Now we’ve got a townhome that works with all of these groups.”

See below for the full variety of floor plans and click to enlarge:

Stay tuned in the next coming weeks for more info on Corktown Mews.