Corktown Mews December Construction Update!

Corktown Mews

Despite the ominous looking clouds behind us, it was a fantastic visit to Corktown Mews last week. We got some photos of what will be the last visit to Corktown for 2012! All of the blocks are well underway to being completed.  Bricks are on some of the first blocks while framing and windows are being installed on the final blocks.

Follow us below the jump to check out a bunch of shots we took at the site!

Corktown Mews

Just a couple more blocks to go before all the brickwork is complete! Bricklayers are on site and working away on that scaffolding to clad up the last bits of outdoor framing.

Corktown Mews

Corktown Mews

For some of the blocks, interior work has begun and cranes are lifting drywall and other supplies up into the higher stories’ windows.

A forklift  ushers some drywall into a 3rd floor window.

Small awnings and balconies are beginning to appear on the top levels of some homes.

Did you know that every Fieldgate Home has this little symbol on all the house numbers it creates?

As of this writing, we’re on track for a March move-in date. Downtown living can’t come soon enough!

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So, what do you think of progress so far?