Whitby Meadows Townhomes Sold Out! Detached Homes Available

Whitby Meadows by Fieldgate Homes

30′ Hudson

Fieldgate is excited to announce that the townhomes at Whitby Meadows are sold out! Don’t worry though, we still have a selection of detached homes available!

Whitby Meadows features 30’ and 36’ detached homes with 3- and 4-bedroom floor plans. The 30’ homes range from 2,045 to 2,709 square feet, and the 36’ models range from 2,465 to 3,163 square feet. Every detached model is still available, except for the 36’ Dovedale, which is sold out.

Whitby Meadows by Fieldgate Homes

36′ Norton

We are also continuing to offer the special bonus package for the detached homes. With purchase, you will receive $10,000 in decor dollars! You can put this money towards upgrading any part of your home, such as the countertops, flooring, doors, cabinets, etc.

When Whitby Meadows launched, the response was overwhelmingly positive! Many cited the convenient location at Rossland Rd. West and Coronation Rd. as a major selling point, and others appreciated the high quality, traditionally designed homes.

“Whitby is where I grew up and where we wanted to raise our kids so we were so excited when we first heard about Whitby Meadows!” says Caitlin, a Whitby Meadows purchaser. “The location is great because it is so close to so many great schools, there is lots of shopping nearby and we will be much closer to friends and family.”

Whitby Meadows by Fieldgate Homes

Visit Whitby Meadows today!

The Whitby Meadows sales office is located at Taunton Rd. West and Coronation Rd. and is open 1-8pm Monday to Thursday and from 11-6pm on weekends and holidays.

Things to remember for your visit:

  • One purchase per registrant
  • Photo identification (eg. driver’s license or passport)
  • Bank pre-approval
  • Personal cheque book (minimum 5 cheques)
  • All offers are firm

If you have any questions, please call 905-666-1217.