Vaughan Valley Estates: Construction update from Woodbridge

The next Fieldgate Homes development site we visit on the blog is Vaughan Valley Estates in Woodbridge. There are 83 lots currently being worked on in Phase Two of the development, making it one of the biggest Fieldgate Homes sites currently under construction. Closings are scheduled for mid-October, and work is continuing according to schedule.

Check out these photos to see what the Vaughan Valley site looks like at the moment.

A unique feature about our Vaughan Valley homes, is that they are the only Fieldgate homes that have the individual road names on their number signs.

Phase Two consists of Semi-Detached and Single 50 foot lots.

There is an abundance of workers on site at any given time - framing, bricklaying, heating, plumbing etc. They finish their work on one home and move on to the next, allowing another crew to commence work on a home.

All of the framing on the Singles is being done at the moment, with some lots further along than others, as is the norm on any site.

Wooden slats being delivered to a lot to allow for the pouring of concrete for walls.

Work on each house is carried out according to a strict schedule, which means more efficiency on site.

Marking our wooden frames, just so there's no confusion!!!

That’s it for Vaughan Valley right now. Check out the rest of the photos from our walk around the site on our Facebook page here, and check back again for another update soon.