Update at Corktown Mews

Our townhomes at Corktown Mews are nearing completion and we wanted to give you guys a look at our progress all the way through to the end. People are already moving in to the completed units and starting their life in Fieldgate’s first downtown development.

Here we can see a row of completed townhomes, with the balustrades installed above the entry doors and enclosing the balconies.

This is a front entrance onto River Street.

Here is how the townhomes look from the front when they are completed. We love the balconies and the protruding main floor windows.

The supplies that will be used to install the finishing touches around the Corktown Mews neighbourhood.

Each home has individual mailboxes, so it’s easy and convenient to get your mail, even in a townhome complex.

Our sign on Queen Street, letting the outside community know we are almost sold out!

Two more units within Corktown Mews. There are still some finishing touches to be added to complete construction.

Our covered garage doors and neighbouring balconies. Looks like a great area for a block BBQ!

One of the last construction vehicles on the site. We’re so close to completion!

The front of one of our 2 unit homes. Lots of windows means tons of natural light!

These are 2 of the final units to be completed. There’s still some more stuff to be done!

A sneak peak at the beginnings of a landscaping project.

The view of Corktown Mews from Queen Street. We think it looks great!

The view of the back of some of the homes in Corktown Mews. Just about done!

As a downtown development, we are proud to be bringing Fieldgate quality into Toronto’s core. We only have 1 unit left to sell! If you are looking for suburban-style living with the convenience of living downtown, you should be considering a home in Corktown Mews.

If you’re looking for more information regarding this community, contact us HERE

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