Why Markham is a great place to settle your roots


At Fieldgate Homes, it’s clear that we love Markham. We have 3 amazing communities there, Victoria Manor, Potter’s Bend, and Upper Unionville, and we know that it’s a great place to settle your roots and raise a family.


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The City of Markham is often referred to has the high-tech capital of Canada because it is home to the largest number of high tech and life science companies per capita. Many of them are Fortune 500 companies such as IBM Canada, Apple Canada, Hewlitt Packard, Toshiba of Canada Limited, and many more.

Diverse culture and food


Markham’s attractions include the Markham Museum, a space dedicated to the present and past of the city and bringing the community together. There’s also the Markham Theatre for Performing Arts, featuring world class music and theatre productions. Markham is also home to hundreds of different kinds of restaurants, from amazing Japanese cuisine, to Indian, Chinese, and Mediterranean it’s easy to find a new place to have dinner every night!

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Markham has a total of 207 sports fields, 81 baseball diamonds, 126 soccer fields, 65 tennis courts, 10 indoor skating facilities, 2 cricket pitches, 2 rugby fields, 7 bocci courts, 4 bowling green courts, a skate park and 12 golf courses. For a city of just over 300,000 people, that is plenty!


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Markham is home to not only some prestigious yet affordable private schools, there is a litany of quality, accessible public schools that are ranked among the top in the GTA. Find out more about all of Markham’s schools here.

Young demographics


The average age of the people living in Markham is just over 39 years old. It is quickly growing to be one of the most vibrant cities in the country with a 15% population change since 2006, which falls well above the national average of 5.9%. 42% of the couples that live in Markham still have children under the 24, so the population is young and continuing to grow at a great rate. (Statistics Canada, 2011, 2006)

It has it’s own freakin’ highway


The 407, while it may be a toll highway, is still a 400 series highway that can get you across the city of Markham in a heartbeat. Most employers have offices just off the highway, making for an enjoyable and speedy commute

If your interested in living in Markham, you can visit Potter’s Bend, Victoria Manor, and Upper Unionville on the web to find out more information.