5 Tips to Host the Perfect Thanksgiving

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The entire Fieldgate team wishes you a happy Thanksgiving with friends and family! Please note that all our sales centres will be closed on October 12th for the holiday.

For all the hosts and hostesses out there, we’ve compiled five great tips to help make your dinner a huge success!

1) Make it a potluck

If all you’re responsible for is the turkey, then that cuts your cooking duties in half! Tell your family and friends to bring a side dish, and just make sure you don’t have doubles.

2) Have activities for the kids

If there are a bunch of kids coming, have some colouring books and/or toys ready for them in a designated area. That way everyone can mingle and prepare dinner, and the kids can occupy themselves.

3) Set out extra cutting boards

If all the cooking is being done at your home, have extra cutting boards and knives ready so that other people can participate in the prep work. After all, the kitchen is becoming the most social area in the home.

4) Create conversation cards

On a few small cue cards, write out some conversation topics, like “would you rather be the richest or the smartest?” and put them under all the placemats. When dinner is winding down and dessert is about to be served, tell everyone to look under their placemats and let the fun begin!

5) Enlist a team of cleaners

Have environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, like white vinegar, ready for post-dinner clean up. Whoever doesn’t finish all their food gets to help you scrub dishes in the kitchen! Of course, we’re sure you’ll have some volunteers.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, have an amazing long weekend!