How the Village of Kleinburg Got its Name


Have you ever wondered what the name “Kleinburg” means and where it came from? There are two origin stories, both of which are believable and probably played a role in the naming of the historic village.

According to, there have been two main spellings of the village name: “Klineburg” and “Kleinburg.” The former spelling implies that it was named after John N. Kline, while the latter and current spelling is a combination of two German words.

Klein in German means little or small, and berg means mountain. So Kleinburg in German translates to small mountain, which makes sense when you look at the area’s topography.

Historical Kleinburg map


In 1848, John N. Kline purchased 83 acres of land and built a sawmill and gristmill. Much of the land was also further divided into quarter-acre lots, which was the foundation for the beginning of the village. Eventually, a commercial centre developed as the population continued to grow.

John Kline played a significant role in the development of Kleinburg. In an 1850 directory, he is listed as justice of the peace, and he was also a member of the Home District Council, during which time he petitioned for the first school in Kleinburg.

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