Celebrate Brampton’s Multicultural Community at Carabram this Weekend!

Brampton Carabram

Brampton’s multicultural population is on the rise, and what better way to celebrate it than to attend Carabram this weekend! 

Carabram is the city’s annual multicultural festival, featuring cultural activities, events, cuisines, and entertainment from 40 countries over three days at five venues. 

Brampton Carabram

The cultural lineup for 2019 includes: Arabia, Bangladesh, Greece, Latin America, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Vietnam, Africa, Caribbean, China, Canada,  Eelam, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Philippines and Punjab. 

“Multiculturalism influences every aspect of our well-being,” reads the Carabram website. “In Brampton, Carabram continues to be a major partner in creating a dialogue and being a vehicle for the expression of multicultural arts, music, food, dance and creating understanding and a lifelong connection to the diverse cultures that make up our nation.”

Brampton Carabram

The Carabram pavilions are located throughout Brampton, including the Brampton Soccer Centre, Century Gardens Recreation Centre, Chris Gibson Recreation Centre, Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre, and Bramalea Lions Hall. 

Carabram kicks off at 6pm on July 12 and runs until midnight. On Saturday, July 13, festivities run from 1pm to midnight, and Sunday goes from 1-7pm.   

Visit Upper Valleylands and Cobblestones

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Carabram is an amazing opportunity to experience everything the Brampton community has to offer, and you’ll definitely learn a lot about many different cultures from around the world. 

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We’re looking forward to meeting you and we hope you have a great time at Carabram!