4 Ways to Get Active Outdoors this Winter

Winter running

With cold weather upon us and many gyms and other recreational facilities still closed, it’s going to be challenging for everyone in Ontario to remain active over the next couple months. Don’t worry, we have a few tips!

Cross-country skiing 

Cross-country skiing

This activity may not look like much is happening, but it’s actually quite challenging. You’ll definitely get a good leg workout and burn some serious calories. Whitby, where Fieldgate’s Park Vista at Whitby Meadows is located, has a number of trails that are ideal for cross-country skiing! 

Build a snowman

Building a snowman

Once the heavy snow hits, get some exercise with your kids the good old fashioned way. Don’t settle for a small snowman though, you have to engage all your muscles. Keep rolling until those snowballs are nearly too heavy to lift! This is a great way to get the kids outdoors, get some fresh air, and work out your neglected legs. 

Snowball fight 

Snowbal fight

If you still have energy (and if there’s still some snow left) after building your snowman, why not build a couple snow forts for a snowball fight? Building the fort will be tiring, and then running, throwing, and dodging incoming snowballs will be great cardio! Can you keep up with your kids?

Winter running

Winter running

If you’re going to hit the streets for a run during the winter, it’s important to be prepared. Make sure your shoes have good traction and that you’re avoiding known icy areas. We also recommend merino wool socks and base layers; the material is thin, lightweight, and breathable, but it will insulate all your body heat to help you keep warm. The more heat you generate while running, the warmer you’ll get. 

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