Improve Your Gardening Skills with Help from the Town of Whitby!

Home gardening

It’s already March, which means we’ll be seeing warmer weather any day now, and that’s great news for all the green thumbs out there. In preparation of gardening season, the Town of Whitby has a series of free virtual events coming up!

Herbs: Growing, Harvesting and Preserving

Planting herbs

A lot of people became better cooks during the pandemic, and there’s nothing better than using your own fresh herbs in your recipes. In this virtual event, you’ll learn how to grow, harvest and preserve your own herbs, and even discover some of the history behind certain herbs. The Herbs seminar is on tonight, from 7-8pm.

How to Plan a Successful Garden

Mother and daughter gardening

You can’t just start a garden. There are tips and tricks that will make your home garden more successful, and this will save you time and money. There’s so much to know about site conditions, maintenance, function, style, and plant selection. If this is the year you want to start your first home garden, then you should attend this virtual event on March 9, from 7-8pm. 

Perfecting Your Perennials

Planting perennials

A perennial is a plant that will regrow in the spring, so in theory, you only have to plant it once. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds though. This virtual event focuses on ideal conditions for different perennials, and when and where to plant and prune. Tune into this virtual seminar on March 16, from 7-8pm. 

Super Easy-Care Succulents

Planting succuletns

If all of the above sounds way too difficult, then this is the type of gardening for you. Drought tolerant plants, like cacti and succulents won’t struggle much if you forget about them. They’re easy to take care of and the virtual presentation will demonstrate how they can be used to make stunning arrangements. The succulent event will take place on March 23, from 7-8pm. 

Whitby Meadows coming soon!

Detached home at Whitby Meadows by Fieldgate Homes

One of the most successful new home communities in Durham region and all of the GTA is Whitby Meadows, and we have a new release of freehold towns, semis, and singles coming soon!

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