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Bond Lake: Freehold townhomes almost complete in Richmond Hill

Bond Lake Richmond Hill Construction

We first paid a visit to Bond Lake a little under a year ago and by the looks of things on site when we visited last week, we may not be heading back for another construction update as the site is pretty much finished.

Each of the homes has been built and all that remains is some aesthetic work, landscaping and roadworks, which we expect to be completed in the next couple of months.

As of today we have only six units left available on site, so if you’re looking where to buy a new home in Richmond Hill, give us a call at 905-313-1021 or email

In the meantime, check out these latest images to see how work is progressing.

Bond Lake Richmond Hill Construction

Bond Lake Richmond Hill Construction

Bond Lake Richmond Hill Construction

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Bond Lake construction update

Bond Lake in Richmond Hill continues to be built. Many changes have been made since our last visit up there. As you can see, the wooden structure of the homes are growing, and we even got a sneak peek into the interiors.

See our archive of Bond Lake construction photos.

How well is Bond Lake in Richmond Hill progressing?

What has been happening at Bond Lake in Richmond Hill since November? Well, framing is almost complete on all lots with one block left to go. Bricklayers are zooming away, currently drywalling eight to ten units out of 45. Since work is going so well, the first closings are set for July 2012. Everything is on schedule, if not a little ahead of the game. Are you buying ar Bond Lake? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the neighbourhood.

Want to see more photos of Bond Lake Village? We have them all right here.

Bond Lake Village: Construction update from Richmond Hill

The Richmond Hill community of Bond Lake Village was in its infancy when we last visited. Now most of the work is happening at ground level and the site is really starting to take shape.

We're digging all the foundations and are getting ready for the next phase. All lots have been excavated.

Framing and woodwork are starting soon, assuming the weather cooperates, of course. There are a lot of changes ahead, so Bond Lake will be an interesting one to watch.

Bond Lake Village: Visiting Richmond Hill to see our newest development

The first stop in our construction site updates takes us to Richmond Hill and the newest development from Fieldgate Homes, Bond Lake Village. Work has only just begun on site, with crews taking up their tools last Monday. As such, there isn’t a whole lot to show right now, but we’ll be visiting the Bond Lake site regularly over the next few months and will have all the latest progress from on site to share.

Crews got on site on Monday July 18th and got to work on excavating the first of our 45 lots on site.

Foundations have been dug on 15 lots thus far, but there's still a lot of land to clear!

The first day on site was spent excavating, and then the concrete for the footings and the walls were started, which took several days.

On average, it takes a day to pour a wall, and in a week all of the walls on a lot can be finished. So next time we take a picture of the above 4 lots, there will be a lot more than walls there - work is fast and always efficient.

All of this soil will be used as back-fill and once cleared, work will start on excavating and pouring the foundations for lots on this space.

The Bond Lake townhomes, street lighting and roads will all be condominium style. For more information please consult with the Bond Lake Sales Representatives (905-313-1021).

It’s relatively quiet on site at the moment, but talking to Site Super Rui, the coming weeks and months will be hectic to say the least! We’ll be back with another update in the next month or so, in the meantime, check out our full photo album of the Bond Lake site here.

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