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Vaughan Valley: Interview with sales rep, Franca

Following on from our article earlier this week, we catch up with Sales Representative Franca at the Vaughan Valley Estates sales office to ask her a few questions about the development.

The sales centre is located at the intersection of Teston Road and Weston Road in Woodbridge, and is enjoying a very healthy amount of traffic since the turn of the new year.

What makes Vaughan Valley different from other communities around the area?

When you drive into the community, you can see the difference. The front elevations of the homes are far more elaborate compared to the other subdivision homes. The interior finishings, like the ten foot ceilings on the main floor, 9’ ceilings on the second floor, and the detail on the exterior really make the difference. Over 200 purchasers have moved in already.

What has traffic to the sales centre been like?
It was very busy last month, on weekends we would have about forty people a day. I think it’s because we have been a member of this community since we started the first phase three years ago. Our traffic will always be heavy because of our models, they are the most beautifully decorated ones in the Vaughan area.


What are some of the special features you can find here?

With our interior finishings like our 10′ ceilings on the main floor, 9’ ceilings on the second floor, smooth ceilings throughout the home, and granite counter-tops in the kitchen, it really makes the homes stand out from the rest.

What kind of people are living around the area? 

There is a mix of everything here, we have families, young couples and retirees. The young couples mostly prefer the semi-detached homes while we have some newlyweds and retirees enjoying the bungalows. But, it is mostly young families who are living in this community.

How important is it to pick a good developer such as Fieldgate Homes?

It’s extremely important. There are less headaches during the construction process, because of Fieldgate’s experience. Our decor centre makes the selection of finishes fun and enjoyable. Our construction team is very organised. As a matter of fact, we were able to move up colsing dates for our first phase. Fieldgate has been building for 50 years, so that gives new home owners peace of mind.

How are Fieldgate Homes made environmentally friendly?

Fieldgate is very conscious of the environment. For our homes we use, amongst other things,  low VOC’s paint (Low Volatile Organic Compounds), OSB (Oriented Strand Board), recycled stones on the driveways, low e-Argon windows and fiberglass shingles which will help lower the carbon footprint.

What kind of feedback do you get when customers walk in?

They love us in the sales office because we explain the new home purchase process and service them the best we can. Sometimes, they come in just to say hello to us after they have closed with their house. It’s all about building a good relationship with your customer.

What new trends in home-building are you following and adopting?

Fieldgate tends to stay in tune to what the trends are in home architecture for exteriors and interiors.

There are some developers out there that still have the same design that they had in the 1980s. The Fieldgate designers go to LA and other parts of the US, to see what designs are trending there.

Fieldgate was also one of the first builders to show the rounded corner beading. Design-wise, Fieldgate is definitely one of the leaders, their plans tend to be fresh in the communities in which they build, and they don’t tend to rehash designs unless the models are really popular among home buyers.

Many thanks to Franca for taking to time to answer our questions. To find out more information about Vaughan Valley or to ask Franca a question, please call their sales centre at 905-303-4728.

Vaughan Valley: Visiting our Woodbridge development

Our Vaughan Valley Estates community is located at the intersection of Teston Road and Weston Road in Woodbridge.

Vaughan Valley has no shortage of popular amenities in it’s immediate vicinity, such as:

  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • Vaughan Mills
  • Several Golf Courses
  • Kortwright Centre
  • Big Box Stores
  • 2 Community Centres
  • Movie Theatres
  • Elementary and High Schools

Popular with younger families, young professionals, newlyweds, and also retirees, Vaughan Valley is a development that is suited to many different needs.

The numerous schools being built around the community make it ideal for raising a family, while the presence of long established and continually improving services and amenities mean that an existing infrastructure is on hand for those purchasers who are looking to upgrade.

Check back tomorrow for our interview with Sales Representative Franca, who talked about the most recent news on the development, what purchasers can expect, and much more. To find out more information about Vaughan Valley, please call their sales centre at 905-303-4728.

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